Flu jab

Skewer Spear Immunise. A tiny chrome harpoon stuck into your flabby thighs will make sure you’re immune. A […]

Silent falls the garden

The larks no longer fear the lawn soundly sleeps the shrew. Sparrows splash in sunlit pools, while wrens […]

Dust to dust

The new me is an older me. The old me once was young. Young me has no future […]

The Today programme

Some mornings when I wake up I remember to forget. They’re the ones I start the day without […]

Sooner or later

We’re all in eternity’s anteroom, waiting to step through the door. None of us knows when our name […]

The cleaner

A cleaner sees her client in the shop She doesn’t recognise me   (We’ve never met in person) but […]


You can’t put out water with fire, burn off the sea in a day, outswim a tide of […]

Pas de chat

A better ballerina    I bet I’ll never meet than my cat astride a fence post,    so sure upon […]


I couldn’t help but comment on that fiery facial fur, not thinking my kind words could be taken […]

Memories of times past

Remember when you used to be able to shit without a smartphone, and loosen your sphincter without a […]

Am I dying already?

Do I already own the clothes I’ll die in? The songs I won’t hear from my casket? What […]

Not so smart phone

Autocorrect corrects me less than I correct it. Its only purpose seems to be to make me look […]

An eye for an I

Deleted myself today. Wrote ‘love you’ without saying who. Not who to… (which was you) …only ‘I’ went […]


They took all the money they’d saved up for bombs and spent it on healthcare instead then ran […]

Almost is enough

It’s quite alright to live a life of ‘almost’ if you tried. To stretch for stars but barely […]


I envy those with strength of will to tackle it cold turkey; not like us who squander life […]


Nineteen buttons: one through zero, volume up and down, channel, power, source and mute, EPG and sleep. I […]