Should it ever be served

That’s it:
Article 50 made live.
Team Leave promised we’d thrive outside.
Team Holyrood warned that we might not survive.
For Brexit was just the first referendum;
another is sure to follow,
with Scotland claiming that London’s promises
(made in great haste)
were hollow.

We promise prosperity,
Greater powers,
A future in Europe, too.

The Scots acquiesced,
voted to stay
inside a Britain within the EU.
They rejected the Brexit two years later
but England thought otherwise:
   the Scots weren’t fooled
   but the English were bought
by the little white leaver lies:

Money for the NHS
and an end to immigration.
Freedom to pass our own laws again
and rebuild our island nation.

But what nation is that?
The one we had then
or the one we might soon become
when Scotland goes to the polls again
and this time favours its freedom?
Where it might end is anyone’s guess.
  Might Kernow snap off England’s toe?
    Could London become a free city state?
      Will Brighton in Westminster be a no-show?

The country looks set to fragment in the time
it will take us to leave the EU.
It could be the end of the kingdom we knew
but for Scotland that might be good news.