Let’s have a little break from the words and look at the sparrows that have taken up residence just outside our bathroom window. They won’t be there much longer, I don’t think, but it’s been fun listening to their increasingly confident chirping as we’ve been showering and they’ve been growing.

Baby sparrows being fed by their mother

One of the babies is definitely stronger than the other. If you watch them for long enough you notice that it gets the bulk of the food, so that’s perhaps no surprise, but I worry for its weaker sibling when the time comes to leave the nest.

Baby sparrows being fed by a parent

The parents are busiest in the morning, when they’re backwards and forwards every few minutes with grubs for the chicks. Unless instinct tells them otherwise, they’re probably looking forward to the offspring leaving the nest. I think the kids are, too. Sometimes they come right out on the lip of the bird box and look down, as if they know they’ll have to jump off sooner or later but can’t quite bring themselves to do it.

Baby sparrows being fed by a parent