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Nineteen buttons:
one through zero,
volume up and down,

source and mute,

EPG and sleep.

I sit here lightly holding it
firmly in its grip.

No laughing matter

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I thought it was rather harsh,
locking him up for a century quarter
for having a bit of a laugh.

Until I discovered that wasn’t the crime
for which he was set to serve time.

(far from perfect)
had softened the facts of the case
and not for man’s laughter
at all but manslaughter
was he confined to this place.

Not so smart phone

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corrects me
less than I
correct it.
Its only purpose
seems to be
to make me look
a tit.

Memories of times past

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Remember when you used to be able
to shit without a smartphone,
and loosen your sphincter without a finger
tapping a touchscreen display?

Happy days.